MCD 180mm Dirt Xross Blue Medium

MCD 180mm Dirt Xross Blue Medium
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The new Dirt-Xross tyres are now available.

The tires are designed specifically for compact gravel tracks. They are packed with extra strengthening features and great dirt track biting capabilities. The lateral design features increase sidewall puncture and tearing resistance. The tire also has two different lateral traction options for diverse conditions on the track.

MCD's famous blue ultra grip with high level of traction compound is applied on the Dirt-Xross. The tread pattern area ratio is increased from 25% to 40% compared to Micro-Stud V2 Tires. During the tests we have observed that the increased tread elements on Dirt-Xross sufficiently increased traction on compact gravel surfaces also prevented early wearing on tread elements.

It has all the strengthening features that are proven on our famous Micro-Stud V2 Tyre.

The order codes:

100211R - Tyre 180 mm Dirt-Xross Blue Soft
100212R - Tyre 180 mm Dirt-Xross Blue Medium

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