Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024

Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024
Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024 Fourtex 4WD "Gunn Edition" Factory Team Edition 2024
Brand: Elcon Models
Product Code: fourtex03
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Price: $4,850

**Please note these are by order only once paid in full - lead times for delivery are between 2 - 4 weeks on receipt of payment**


FourteX Gunn Edition 4wd Factory Team Edition 2024

2023 BRCA 4wd National champion winning car 

2022 Australian National Champion winning car

2022 Efra European Champion winning car

Factory Team Edition Cars come with the following upgrades standard:

Can be ordered with Wheel Square or Hex adaptors 

New front brake pads and Disc Front Brake Kit now included 

Carbon centre chassis Brace

Elcon models Factory team Locking diff for the front 

2 x +10 Bypass shocker housing for the rear 70320-041

2 x Euros factory team rear hubs L/R -7mm 45511-3

4 x Blue alloy spring disc for bypass shocker 

The new Gunn Edition Comes with New Diff mounting system for the front diff which makes diff adjustment much easier New Front and rear Arms / Hubs / Towers giving much more adjustment and arm travel. New Front pin holders with quick and easy adjustment with a all new Alloy Adjustment Block. New Front uprights give also more adjustment on the front and New Toe blocks to help change the wheel base of the car. The Gunn Edition also will come with a upgraded front & rear gear sets As Standard. Car will come with new Lightened Gears and upgrade to the planetary gears and now also come with a free Drill adaptor for the starter shaft.

The FourteX is a 4WD buggy which fits the large scale class. The main revolution is the all new planetary drive line, with a centered motor. It requires just 6 bolts to unscrew this full drive line with motor, to take it out of the car.
Change of the gear ratio is easy. By exchanging the planetary gear holder and sun gear, a new gear ratio is achieved. The outer gear remains in place for all gear ratios. Beside a quick change of gear ratios or motor, taking of main assemblies makes maintenance and cleaning easy as 1-2-3 on this car.

You might wonder why we opted for a planetary gear system. What is the benefit? There is a series of good reasons for this.
Planetary gears are a lot stronger and thus more durable. Per engine side there are 4 planet gears converting the torque of the engine towards the differentials. Hence, a total of 8(!) gears are distributing the power of the engine. This allows the use of delrin planetary gears. The use of delrin means lightweight. Delrin is lighter by a factor 8 compared to steel!
Not only is it stronger and weighs less. It reduces the momentum of inertia on rotating items tremendously compared to other cars. As only the sun and planet gears rotate, the outer big gear does not rotate.
The result is you will experience a far more agile and responsive car on throttle.
Also a planetary system is efficient regarding power loss. Less motor energy is dissipated in friction due to a more straight forward drive line. More motor energy goes to the wheels. Last advantage is maybe not that important in our application, but the gears are nicely quit as all is enclosed.

As both sides of the engine are driven, the car uses a double clutch set-up. Each side uses a teflon adjustable clutch. The clutch is one of the items under high load and stress in current designs. By using a clutch for the front and a clutch for the rear, motor power is divided over two clutches. This results in lower stress on each clutch. The well-known effect of teflon clutches engaging sooner and sooner due to heat building in a car is solved, as the clutch temperature stays significant lower.
Another advantage is the clutches can be adjusted separately. The front clutch can be engaging at a different RPM compared with the rear clutch. A big help to make the front start pulling first in tight slower corners keeping the car able to exit the curve on the inside. Though we advise to use our teflon clutch, other clutches can be fitted (low version).

Engine placement is sideways with the cylinder faced to the left side of the car. This results in a wanted air flow from the fan of the engine towards the rear. With a big exhaust gasket, air flow will bend to the rear of the car. A lightweight lexan wind tunnel is delivered along. This is mounted to the engine cover to make the warm air be blown out directly from the body work.
You can paint the air tunnel in your own desired cool design, the air tunnel also ensures to keep the car and engine cool.
Speaking of “cool”... lower temperature means free horse power and less fuel consumption!

But also we took care in the design, having warm and cold parts being separated in the car. Fuel tank, radio gear and servos are as much as possible mounted on the right side of the car. Away from hot parts which are located at the left side of the car.

At the front we find a double steering servo. Small servos are used to keep the overall weight low. With servos growing stronger all the time we have chosen to design the car based on small servos. This small servo layout has proven to be sufficient for its purpose.

The servo and servo saver are captured in a single bracket. All torque and force generated by the servo remain within this servo bracket. No stress is transferred to the chassis or other components while steering. This allows for the other components to be designed in a light, yet strong way.

As the car uses only 2 differentials, it saves the weight of a 3rd differential commonly used in 4WD cars. Even more important this eliminates a rather heavy rotating part. The design without middle differential helps you to keep constantly your front- and rear-end being powered. Where a middle differential will direct the power in the direction with least resistance. The middle centre double clutch set-up ensures the power to reach both front and rear-end at all time. Well-known “wheel ballooning” is reduced, put the power to the ground. Let’s accelerate!

Apart from great acceleration you will need to stop. A rear solid double disc break is standard included, mounted at the rear pinion. On the drive train there is foreseen an option to mount an air brake system. This can be done on both sides (front and/or rear). All possible options regarding brake set-up can be made. Whatever personal preference you have, be it mechanical or air based brake or a combination. Also different brake settings front/rear are all possible.

Only high-end materials are used for the car components, this buggy is designed to race. Of course our latest by-pass shocks are included and can be mounted in several positions. Spline drives front and rear, no worries, they are there. It is needless to say you can trim your car the way you like it (camber, toe-in, roll centre, etc).

The car is offered to you as “roller”. It needs to be built by the buyer. An on-line manual to guide you through the build will become available. Included are 2 teflon adjustable clutches, expansion exhaust, starter tool and special flywheel.

1 Pair Blue 110mm 1 Pair Red 110mm springs are supplied with the car 

Low Gearing setup also supply with the car

Following parts need to be bought separately: Shock oil, Grease  Wheels/tyres, electric starter and additional gear ratios. The engine, its filter and your electronics is also something which is not included.

grease for the spline drive / gears and oil for lubrication of the CVD is sold separately.

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